Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I want to do when I grow up

As a child I had many aspirations.  In third grade I wanted to be an archeologist.  In seventh grade I wanted to be a genetic engineer.  But when I finally took my first art class in eighth grade I found the love I had loved from the beginning.  Unfortunately in my junior year in high school I also became infatuated with cars.  I never lost my love for art, but cars would be a more lucrative career.  So I began my first semester of college in the automotive field to begin training for my ASE (Automotive Standard Excellence) certification.  That semester was the beginning of the end for me.

I enjoyed learning about cars and in this semester's courses I would learn about their electrical systems and how electricity in general works.  Unfortunately I also learned that I was not willing to put up with the constant sexual harassment I would be subjugated to in the automotive industry.  My second semester of college I was pregnant with my first child and I felt lost about what avenue to pursue and so ended up taking a bunch of miscellaneous classes.  I only had one art related class and it was airbrushing.

When my baby arrived, I knew then that I had really found my calling.  I was to be a mom.  I still tinkered with art here and there.  I even dabbled with the idea of trying to become a portrait artist.  It was a wonderful idea, but I lacked the confidence and motivation to do anything with the idea.  So it stayed just that, an idea.

Many years and many ideas have come and gone since then.  I have wrote up business plans for restaurants, started my own vinyl sticker business, managed a pizza delivery joint, designed, sewn and sold custom boutique children's clothing on eBay, started writing a book, wrote and sang World of Warcraft parodies for YouTube, tried my hand at being a NuSkin distributor, along with a million other ideas that never made it out of my head.

It should come as no surprise however, that none of these ideas worked.  I would get bored with them, or decide they weren't worth my time.  I am still in the process of trying a few things.  I have a gamer-style recipe blog I collaborate with my wonderful sister, Rill on.  I am still trying to write my book, but utmost priority in my life is being a wife and a mother.

I want to be all that I can be (without having to join the army).  I want to be a wife, mother, artist, educator, seamstress, designer, musician, author, along with a million other things.  At this moment I feel like I am nickle and dimeing myself to death.  I am a decent wife and mother, but everything else has had so little time allotted to it's success that it is getting no where.  So my goal for the week is to write down everything I have ever really wanted to do when I grow up.  The list will be prioritized, from the things I am most passionate about, down to the things I simply have had a fascination with.  Over the next few days my list will formulate itself and I will post it here.

I will re-read my post "If I could just be a little bit more" daily, to keep my motivation up.  I will pray to God every day for the strength to remain on course and I will not falter.

May your warm days be blessed with shade and your parched mouth always have sweet water available in abundance.


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  1. And that's why I was thinking about joining the army LOL!

    You are amazing, an inspiration to everyone, so talented that you can do anything you put your mind to. Your kids are so lucky to have you. I expect at least one of them to grow into a famous artist ;)