Monday, June 20, 2011


I apologize for the lack of posts this weekend.  When my husband is home I tend to steer clear of the computer so I can spend time with him.  Father's Day was fun and the weekend all together was great.

My husband and I put an offer on a house and we found out this morning that the offer has been accepted.  We are extremely excited and I can't wait until we officially have the house.  It has five bedrooms and two bathrooms.  It sits on a half-acre lot with an enormous willow tree in the backyard, the kind you could imagine fairies living in, creating their magic.  I have named this beautiful tree.  Her name is Sailee, which is Gaelic for "willow tree."  It is a beautiful name and fits the tree wonderfully.

This yard is perfect.  The half-acre gives me plenty of room to have the garden of my dreams.  A vegetable garden and an herb garden.  I could even have a chicken coop so I could have my own eggs, fresh everyday.  We will be closing on the house within a few days of my two eldest children's birthdays and so we are going to buy them a play set for their gifts.  The neighbor's houses and yards are all immaculate.  The home to the right even have a gazebo in the yard and the home on the left has a beautiful deck.  In fact, all of the homes in the neighborhood would make any homeowner proud.

The home we are buying, however, isn't in such great shape.  Right now, you would probably go walk through it and think we were crazy, just insane for buying this house.  It is one of those homes that when you read the description on the MLS listing it reads something like this.  "Lots of potential!  Needs some TLC.  A fixer-upper! Handy-man special!"  But the location and price are well worth putting some work into it to make it our own.  We are looking at a project about the size of this one.

We are up for the challenge!  I can't wait to get started.  I get to design my own kitchen and bathrooms.  I get to pick out the flooring, wall textures, colors, window, doors and make the house into my home.  When the project starts I will post pictures and keep you updated on the progress.


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