Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Success for Today

I was able to get some things on my list done yesterday!  I did my laundry, cleaned my kitchen, made breakfast and dinner, took my sick boys to the pediatrician and put in an off on a house.  Even though I still feel like my house is a mess, it is better than it was, so I am making progress. 

Today my main goal is to get the kitchen floor mopped, which means everything else in the kitchen needs to be spotless first.  While I am doing that I will have my daughter work on her schoolwork and perhaps even see how good her teaching skills are and have her start on some stuff with my kindergartener.  She has been successful in teaching him to count to ten and a few other things without my prompting, so it is a possibility and I think she will enjoy it.  If it doesn't work out, that is okay too because I wouldn't mind the one on one time with my son.

There are a few things that might get in my way today.  First is that my pediatrician has order some stool sample cultures from my boys and the lab needs them "fresh," within 30 minutes.  The lab is 10 minutes away and it usually takes me 15-20 minutes to get the kids in the car, so I will probably be doing that twice today.  Additionally, I have another house I want to go look at with the realtor because the house we put an offer on has two other offers as well, so there is a large chance we wont get it. 

Anything that requires me to leave the house seems to disrupt my entire day so I need to get as much done this morning as possible.  No lounging around and watching television today.  If I want mindless entertainment I will have to listen to some audiobooks while I get my housework done. 

One other thing I want to do if I have time at the end of my day, is some research on herbs and which herbs do what for your health.  I have always been fascinated with herbs and with the stomach ailments my sons have, the allergies my husband has, as well as the myriad of problems that come up on a daily basis, it would be nice to know what natural remedies are available.  It would be nice to use essential oil to cure my headaches rather than ibuprofen.

May your days be happy and healthy



  1. I really need to go buy some herbs from Romi :)

  2. Well, herb oils LOL! You know what I meant ;)