Thursday, June 16, 2011


Dealing with sick children will always be a challenge, no matter how experienced we are at it.  Every time my children get sick I find myself searching for where it originated, how did they get this ailment.  Interestingly enough I very rarely can come to a definite conclusion and most of the time I can't even figure a possibility of the source.

It is that way right now.  Both of my boys have a stomach ailment, the likes of which I have not experienced or seen before.  They have their episodes in the bedtime hours then they are cheery and healthy during the day.  After nearly two weeks of this pattern on and off, I took them into the pediatrician, hoping she would be able to shed some light on the matter.

I only take my children to the pediatrician if their sickness is something I feel like I cannot handle and overcome without the help of the physician.  However, sometimes I wonder if they really have anything to offer me that I don't already know myself.  My children's doctor told us they don't know what is wrong with my boys, their health seems just fine at the moment.  I could have told them that!  This is the reason we went to the doctors office, because they were just fine during the day, and even on some evenings, it seems to be an evening illness.  The only comfort I received from the visit was that they offered to do some lab work to find out what is wrong with my boys.

Collecting the specimen they needed for the lab wasn't easy and I hope to never have to go through that again, but it is done and in the labs hands now.  I called the pediatrician to let them know that lab had what they needed and to let me know when they have the results in.  The receptionist told me with a smile in her voice that the labs will take up to five days to culture before they will have results.  Five days! This has already gone on for over two weeks! I do not want to just wait for five more days while my children continue to be ill without any action on my part.

This is why I am going to try and fix the problem on my own.  I have done some research on herbs and have found the ones that are known to help with the digestive track.  I will purchase these oils and apply them topically to my boys with a carrier oil.  I may not know the specifics of what ails them, but I can treat the areas, just as many have done before in times before pharmaceutical companies.  That and a priesthood blessing from my wonderful husband.  I will then be able to say, "Lord I have done all that I can, it is in your hands now."


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