Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spending More Time at Home

Again I have not been able to get any housework done or any of my list done at all really.  First thing this morning, (after breakfast of course), I went to look at a house my husband and I will be placing an offer on come Monday.  Since my husband works out of town I needed to take pictures of it for him.  I wont go into details about why it took nearly two hours longer than it should have, suffice it to say that it did.  By the time I left I had to stop to get lunch at a fast food place for me and the kiddos before taking an hour drive down to my family's place for my niece's baptism.

When I spend an hour driving somewhere, I am inclined to stay as long as I am welcome.  We didn't leave until nearly nine-thirty this evening.  It is now eleven in the evening and the baby just fell asleep for the night.  I am currently uploading the video footage of the house for my husband and simultaneously naming still photos I took of the house.  I decided I am too tired to finish naming all 115 photos so it will have to wait for morning.

But, to keep myself on schedule, I needed to enter a blog post for the day.  And the morale of the lesson I have learned today is that I need to spend more time at home.  I should have left my family's place after dinner so that I would have some time to clean up my house.  I do not believe I will be able to get myself out of bed in the morning for church tomorrow, I am that beat.  But perhaps I should make an extra effort because I could really use some of the Lord's help in getting my home in order.  I am certainly falling short by myself.

Much love


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